Thanks for your interest in Volunteering for the Building STEAM Maker Festival.

Be sure to read this entire page before filling out the Volunteering Application 

Being a volunteer at the Building STEAM Maker Festival affords you the opportunity to greet, network and make new friends. Upon submitting this form you agree that you will follow the rules and regulations of the event, located on the Building STEAM Maker Festival website. We also expect volunteers to follow the volunteer code of conduct.

Volunteer Code of Conduct:

Show up to work on time. Generally this means find out where you need to be for your shift 5 minutes before your shift starts.

There will be a volunteer orientation meeting before the event. It is essential for you to attend this meeting to understand complexities of volunteering, your responsibilities and to  introduce you to other members of our staff.

Be dressed appropriately and comfortably.

Do not attempt to comp tickets, or get a discounted price for your friends. If they wish to volunteer, great send them this link!

Try to comply with staff requests for assistance, and do not argue with staff. If you believe a member of staff is wrong, or you believe your rights as a volunteer has been wronged, please find a Volunteer Coordinator for mediation.

Do Not use your status to obtain “favors”, monetary, or otherwise. There are obvious reasons why we do not allow this at our event.

Please review, and become familiar with the event rules for all event goers at: Building STEAM Code of Conduct Page.

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