Make and Take

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We have broken down our activities into four different age groups and in the spirit of Makers, we assigned a name to each. Clicking on each name will bring you to a page with activities specifically dedicated to that age group.

Below is a list of most of the Maker Festival activities planned.  All of the activities are hands-on and many are items that you Make & Take. CLICK on individual activity categories, (Arts & Crafts, Animation, etc.) and HOVER over their pictures to see a short description of each.  We put no time limits on our activities so our MAKERS are welcome to stay as long as they wish.

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Arts & Crafts 

(Click on activity title for more info.)
Fun With Tissue Paper
Pipe Cleaners Galore
Create and Wear Unicorn Ears and Horn
Sculpture Creations
Create a Sun-Catcher
Birefringence Collaboration Art Project
Origami Art Project
Design and Create a Custom Kaleidoscope
Pendulum Painting
Weaving with a loom
Stick Together - Colorful collaborations, one sticker at a time


Create a Flip book
Stop Motion Animation
Stop Motion Clay-mation


Marshmallow Shooters
Marble Roller Coaster
Rube Goldberg
Downhill Derby
Slooooow Egg Drop Challenge
Hovercraft - Obstacle Course Race
Laser Obstacle Course
Paddle Boat - Design, Build, Race
Rough Terrian Vehicle - Design, Build, Race
Angry Marshmallow Tower Challenge
Marshmallow/Spaghetti Tower Challenge
Marshmallow Shooters
Marble Roller Coaster
Escape Room Challenge
Morse Code Challenge

Collaborative Projects

Stick Together - Colorful collaborations, one sticker at a time
Collaborative Mobile
JUNK Coaster Marble Mania


Design, create and wear a custom cosplay helmet


Drone Exhibition and Flying Arena

Engineering –  Electrical & Mechanical

Design and Create a Custom Fidget Spinner
Design and Create electronic paper circuits
Create a blinking eye hopping frog
Build a balloon powered car
Magnetically powered train
Spinning Ballerina
Play-Doh Circuits
Design, Build and Launch a Rocket
Microprocessor Arena Adrunio - Raspberry Pi
Lock Picking
Learn to Solder
Create your very own miniature Light Saber

Clothing & Jewelry Design

Marbleizing Design and Creations
Design & Create your own 3D printed Jewelry
Custom Metal Jewelry Designs
Create Beautify Glass Gems
Design & Create your own Metal Rings Jewelry


Programing with SCRATCH
Program a Superhero
Control BB-8 through a smart device


Custom Candy Creations
Hand-held 3D Printing
3D Printer Arena
CNC - Laser Cutting & Etching Arena
Design and Create a Custom Fidget Spinner